Sunday, July 31, 2011


And yet another lake.  Apparently that's the theme for summer 2011.  Looking back, that was three different lakes in three different states in the span of about five weeks.  Not bad for a young couple toting around a baby!      

Mid-July we spent a long weekend at the Lauderdale Lakes in Wisconsin.  One of Paul's buddies from college orchestrated a group trip to his parents' lake house near Lake Geneva; about 20 "adults" (depending on how you define that...) and 4 kiddos hightailed it to the Badger State for what we hope becomes an annual trip.  I've gotten to know this group of Drake grads throughout the years and it is a really great group of people; unique, fun, and always down for a good party.  The weddings are becoming fewer and further between and the babies are aplenty so we have to come up with new excuses to see everyone more regularly.  The lake in July sounds pretty good to me! 

Oh and these pictures are just a drop in the bucket of all the ones we took - there were HUNDREDS, but this kind of shows the fun that we had.  Also, some of these pictures warrant an explanation, but some of these pictures just cannot be explained.  You'll see.  You 'll know what I mean when you get to David and the sword.  There just aren't words...

Eating puffs on the plane!  We spent about 70 minutes of that 80 minute flight shoveling puffs in Lucy's mouth.  It kept her happy and occupied the whole time.  Also,  at one point Paul leaned over and said, "I can't believe that WE are actually a family of three, taking up an entire row on an airplane."  I stopped to watch him shove those puffs in Lucy's mouth and could hardly believe it either.

This picture makes me laugh because Paul looks superimposed and SO happy about it. 

You thought I was kidding, right?

The nail game.  If you know it, YES it was as fun as expected and if you don't, then you haven't attended enough tailgates with a bunch of men wanting to prove their manliness.
I'm not going to explain what this spreadsheet is that Kristen is updating, but everyone who was there knows and yes it was really, really funny.  Every time. 

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