Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Minnesota, Part I: Sunny-Side Up

This trip is so fun.  There's not an eloquent way to share what we did for seven wonderful days; it was a ton of fun and we did it ALL.  The first few days we had PERFECT weather.  The kind of weather that shows up in photographs advertising the state.  Warm sun with blue skies during the day making any and all outdoor activities a possibility and cool evenings with glass-like stillness on the lake with a sunset you hate to see drop below the horizon.  Of course that just means beer drinking, washers, bonfires, s'mores and game night in the Rec. Room so we deal...

The Minnesota trip has been taking place for 60+ years and as someone pointed out - with the addition of Lucy, Dasheill and Shane - five generations have been enjoying this vacation at the lake.  Same resort, same family, just more of 'em; the group continues to grow every year, we now fill up all nine cabins and this year we topped out with 36 people on our peak day.  

Here's what we were up to in the beginning:

Steve had his two favorite things for a whole week: Lucy and fishing!  I'm pretty sure this smile plastered on his face will get him through 'til next year.

Sue, Nora and Lucy.


View from Cabin 5's front door.

Nora, Lucy and Mark.


Bob and Lois. 
Geez louise they are so great.  Just look at 'em!

Dad and Lucy at dusk.

Happy First Father's Day to Paul!

Amanda and Lucy.  I know she isn't 'official' because her and Jack have yet to take the plunge, but I can only imagine that the relationship we have is what it feels like to have a sister-in-law that is really, really wonderful.  Lucky Jack, but lucky us too.

Lucy and Shane.

Lois and Lucy reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Lucy and George.

A portion of the crew at Happy Hour.

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