Saturday, July 9, 2011

Minnesota, Part II: Cloudy with a side of Torrential Downpour

Mid-week we had to get a little more creative.  There were two days of solid rain so we found some indoor activities to keep us occupied: baking, playing cards, beading, bowling, napping, eating, drinking, eating, drinking, eating, get the idea.

Most days Paul would get up with his dad and go fish around 5:30 or 6:00 AM and Lucy and I would lay in bed until about 7 or so before we headed to the big house for coffee and breakfast.  This was such a special time; we would usually get there before anyone else was awake and Bob and Lois would get to love on Lucy before the competition arrived. 

As the trip has grown, it's been mostly females that have been added to the mix.  That's what happens when a family full of boys grows up; they meet girls.  So, good news for all of us add-ins, because it has become a tradition that one afternoon all the girls head to Otter Tail for an hour of shopping followed by lunch at a restaurant in nearby Perham.  It gets more fun every year as we add more girls!  And this year, lucky Shane was the only boy invited.  Check him out flirting with Diana as Lucy watches!

Back Row: Nora, Katie, Melinda
Second Row: Lois, Jesse, Amanda, Sue, Joy with Shane, Josie, and Kay with Lucy
First Row: Me and Diana



A rather intense looking game of poker.

This is so sweet because, well, a sleeping baby on a great-grandmother's lap is just sweet! 

This picture proves two things:
1. I was actually on this trip and
2. Lucy is in the stage of grabbing everything, necklaces included!

Nora playing with Lucy.  I can't go into how much I love Nora without sounding a bit creepy, but putting it briefly: she is such a special girl; woman, actually.  We were reminiscing about the time we first met, about seven years ago.  Paul and I had driven to Colorado to stay in Mark & Sue's cabin in Cuchara.  We stopped in the Springs to get keys, sheets, towels and soak up a few hours of their time; we arrived late at night and Nora had given up her bed for Paul and I, and we found on the pillows a note that welcomed us to town and to her room with two sticks of gum, one for each of us.  I almost died right there.   That little girl has turned into a high school graduate and I'm more impressed with her every time I see her.  On top of being beautiful and fun, she is wise and mature beyond her years.  She is headed to culinary school in the fall and I know she has a bright future ahead.

And the two of them were having so much fun playing,
and it just kept raining,
so we just kept shooting...

A variation of 'Sink the Bismarck' in the Rec. Room.

Teaching 'Celebrity' to the group.

A game that has clearly been around for about a kabillion years, and whatever someone once paid for it, it wasn't enough.  We get it out every year and try to get those damn red puzzle pieces into the damn board before the damn thing pops.  Good times.

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