Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minnesota, Part III: The Creme de la Creme

The end of the week reminded us why we put up with bouts of rain and clouds.  It was beautiful!  We were back to lounging on the dock, golfing, fishing, riding the hydro-bikes, the paddle boards, jogging in the morning and playing washers in the evening; we were more than thrilled to swap sweatshirts for sunscreen. 

The Wellborn cup presentation.

Lucy loves Jack.  And his glasses.

Glendalough State Park

LOVES being on those feet!


Helping Dad fish

I FINALLY caught one!

It wasn't a great year for fishing, but I usually catch one BEFORE THE LAST DAY.

It must have been thanks to my helper!

Touching her first fish!

Yep.  It got away.  But you can't say he didn't give it his best effort!  The funny part is that Annie Battle (which it fell into) flows into Blanche (where we vacation) so that bottle could have potentially made it right back where it started!  I'm assuming it sank before it reached Blanche so we will choose to believe a fish made a nice little home out of that Dr. Brown's bottle.

Competitive Dillon Bros. playing washers.

The Pontoon Ride.

First year as our little family in Minnesota!

The Bob & Lois Dillon clan.  A great bunch.

Already looking forward to next year...

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