Saturday, October 1, 2011

What girl? THAT girl.

You know who she is.  You've met her before.  She has a raspy sorority girl voice that commands attention, she "woo-hoo's" to anything remotely exciting and most notably, she gets emotional and cries when she drinks.  Well, I was totally her last Saturday night, of the emotional, crying variety.

What follows is a very sweet story in an attempt to defend myself.  Here goes...

Paul and I went on a date.  It started with us attending the KU Legends Game at Allen Fieldhouse; me with my friend Alison and him with his buddies Sam, Nick and Carlos.  I didn't say it was a traditional date, I mean, TECHNICALLY we were in the Fieldhouse with 16,298 of our closest friends AND each other...  Hey, we had a sitter and we were totally texting each other when there was something worth making fun of, doesn't that count?!


A very entertaining basketball game ensued and when it was over we headed out on the town for a schooner 'o beer; there we met up with some of our friends, Paul's brothers included.  I plopped down on a barstool next to Greg and as we were chatting away he asked me what the plan was for Lucy's birthday celebration.  I told Greg the general plan for Lucy's first birthday which led us to start reliving the day she was born. 

WARNING: As a mother of an 11 month old, after a beer, do NOT do this. 

I kept it together as we reminisced about all the things that made that day so special and so memorable and, so very OURS.  Only a few of us know the first few hours of Lucy's life so intimately. 

Most of what Greg shared with me, and I with him, were details we both knew and enjoyed talking about, but when I officially crossed the line from endearing Mom reliving it all and became THAT GIRL crying in a bar (See, I'm getting there!) was when he started talking about the excitement of his Mom waking him up at four in the morning.  She told him the baby had arrived, he was an uncle, and FINALLY there was another girl in the family to dote on; he remembers being groggy-eyed but excited and ready to hop in the car at a moment's notice having planted himself on the couch the evening before due to the news that we were at the hospital and it was no false alarm; we were coming home with a baby! 

At this point he interrupted himself and said, "Did I ever tell you what song was playing on the radio as we were driving to the hospital?"  For this reason - and so many others - I love Greg; he remembers moments in ways very few people can.  "Today is the Greatest Day I've Ever Known' by the Smashing Pumpkins."  That was the song.  He even sang me a few lines to make sure I knew which song he was talking about.  Oh, I knew.  I have always liked that song and, as you can imagine, my love affair with it blossomed once it had this tie to my own personal best day ever.   

I just sat there crying and laughing because it was so perfect.  The overwhelming feeling of impossible love that hits you the moment you see that little face staring back at you; it is ingrained in my memory like nothing before it.  That day simply WAS.  The greatest. 

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