Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eleven Months

This photo shoot did not go very well if we are measuring success by number of photos she was willing to sit still, face forward and smile for.  She's MUCH more interested in climbing, crawling, "walking," and doing anything but sitting still, but this isn't news so I shouldn't have been surprised. 

Regardless, here's a glimpse at what we caught:

These pictures are nice because down the road they will remind me what Lucy looked like and what she was doing each month, but more importantly I want ingrained in my memory the little details that made it the day Lucy turned eleven months. 
  • Lucy took her first bite out of an apple and LOVED IT.
  • My mom and I took Lucy for a long walk in the morning and she snoozed in the BOB.
  • Lucy had a scab on her forehead from where she bonked her at school; battle wounds and hazards of being adventurous while learning to walk...mind the brick walls!
  • The weather was beautiful so we played outside most of the day and Lucy tore up and down the driveway in her tricked out pink walker.
  • Lucy, Paul, Buckley and I took an afternoon nap together with the windows open and the Chiefs game on in the background (and they actually won!).
Oh eleven months, I know what's next.  That twelve month marker is looming and I have to say that while it's killing me, at the same time, it's also exciting.  Each stage seems to be more fun than the last and the more I get to know about Lucy's little personality the further in love I fall. 

Bring it on ONE YEAR.  BRING IT.  'Cause the Dillons are ready to celebrate!

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