Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Parnell Park and Edgewood Park

Folks, we are getting close to reaching our goal! And it is exciting! It really is, actually. On our way home from the parks we went to yesterday we passed a park that we frequent in our "normal" park-going life and Lucy asked if we could go there. I told her I promised that as soon as we finished this park challenge she could pick whatever park she wanted and we would go. It's time to go to the park - any park! - because we want to, not because we must. But, this has been great fun this summer and I think if I didn't force the sign picture on them (what kind of mother would I be if I didn't?!) it wouldn't be an issue at all. Lucy DID stage a sit down (in her carseat) at Edgewood Park and refused to get out  of the car if I made her take a picture by the sign. It's amazing what fruit snacks will do...

I was - and still am - confused. When we got there, at least where I thought the park was, there was no playground equipment. I found the picnic tables, the park benches and the basketball court they said would be there, but no playground equipment. We even walked along Burroughs Creek Trail which I thought might lead us to some slides and swings, but to no avail. So we found a cool striped feather and played on the bridge for a while and we will call that good. If someone figures out where there is playground equipment let me know and we will be there. Maybe.

There's a beautiful wooded area between the playground at the East Lawrence Center and the playground we went to further to the south. And there's Lucy dragging a least she wasn't swinging it at her sister. Win!

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