Monday, August 18, 2014

John Taylor Park and Lyons Park


This one is my favorite! I know we haven't completed this park challenge yet, but so far this is the winner. It certainly helps that it was a beautiful, sunny 80 degree morning in August but this park has the best play equipment - new stuff we haven't seen at any other park - and is surrounded by big beautiful trees, an incubator community garden, nice basketball courts, a shelter, it was top notch. We loved it! Hence so many pictures. #sorrynotsorry

Ohhh, the sign picture...
A picture of my mom swinging Savannah from where Lucy and I were standing on the play equipment.

Buckley came with us!
And Savannah fell asleep on the walk home. She always crosses her ankles like this and my mother-in-law suggested that she was this way in the womb so her feet naturally do this. I love it!
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