Friday, August 29, 2014


In the car on the way to HAND Park, I told Lucy we were going to a park by the name of HAND Park, and I did a little jazz hand at her for flair. She smiled and said, "Mom, you know what would be so silly? If we called it toe park instead!" So off we went to toe park.
Broken Arrow ParkBurcham Park
Centennial ParkClinton Lake Park
Holcom Park"Dad" Perry Park
Prairie ParkRiverfront Park
South ParkBuford M. Watson, Jr. Park
Chief Jim McSwain ParkBrook Creek Park
Burroughs Creek Trail & Linear ParkClinton Lake Leased Area
Chaparral ParkClinton Park
Constant ParkDeerfield Park
DeVictor ParkEdgewood Park
HAND ParkHobbs Park
Ludlam ParkLyons Park
Parnell ParkPark Hills Parks
Quail Run ParkRobinson Park
Stonegate ParkJohn Taylor Park
Veterans ParkWalnut Park
Water Tower Park

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