Saturday, December 3, 2011

You can pick your friends.

And you can pick your nose. 

But you can't pick your friend's nose. 


Of course technically Paul isn't her friend; he's her dad.  And she didn't really pick him, she just got stuck with him (couldn't have been luckier).  But she is definitely, definitely picking his nose.  And I would love to report that this was the first time she's been a part of such shenanigans...but not even close.  That would be a lie a thousand times over.  She does this quite frequently, to both of us.  Last weekend she put her finger so far up Paul's nose, he bled.  Really. 

So maybe the whole friend-nose-picking theory is shot because indeed, she picks any nose that tickles her fancy.  I guess we'll just have to hope that by the time she's genuinely picking her friends, she will have accepted this truth and can keep her fingers to herself.  

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