Thursday, November 10, 2011

Party #2

The second celebration was aimed more toward our friends and their kiddos having a good time, and I think we hit the mark! Let's just say there was a smorgasbord of food and a full keg when the party started and by the time the last guest left the keg had been drained and only 11 of the 48 cupcakes I made lived to tell the tale.  But for nearly TWELVE HOURS we had a steady flow of friends in and out the door and up and down the stairs; changing table upstairs, football games on in the basement, food on the main level, keg outside – that’s what I call a party! 

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I guess I was busy having fun and that trumped playing Ansel Adams.  With that said, here's the very abbreviated recap.

The party favors:

12 months of Lucy (the picture is crap but it was ohsocute in person):

Months 6 & 7 up close:

Facts about Lucy were pasted all over our house - - here are just a few:

Pretzel sticks.  Cute, delish and gets the party started every time!
Smash cake for the Birthday girl!

Al loving the pigs in a blanket; Lucy loving Al: 

Sam, Grace and Lucy playing, playing, playing:

The intial bite:

The look of intensity:

The licking of the lips:

The adorable cake-smeared Birthday Girl:

I would be remiss not to include a picture of the beer pong table in action.  Yes, at a one year old's birthday party - hey, we were celebrating that WE survived this year too!!!

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