Monday, November 7, 2011

Party #1

In attempt to simplify Lucy’s birthday celebration I ended up creating more work for myself and somehow justified that two separate parties were not only an option, but necessary.  I have an amazing ability to complicate the uncomplicated.  BUT, after having done it all, I would do it again exactly the same way, no question!

We officially celebrated Lucy's birthday twice.

On her actual birthday we had all of her grandparents and great-grandparents over to our house for cake and champagne. I know, my grandpa told me he was pretty sure there wasn't champagne at his first birthday but he made the error of pointing out that he couldn't actually remember his first birthday so I had to point out that maybe there WAS champagne and he just doesn't remember it.  MAYBE. 

This night was very special.  Lucy has SIX, count 'em, SIX great-grandparents and they all live within about 30 minutes of our house; they also were all able to come to the party and now I can't picture it any other way. We sang "Happy Birthday," we ate cake, we opened an embarrassing number of presents on Lucy's behalf and it all felt warm and cozy on the inside while it was cold and rainy outside.   

The cake:

The YIKESWATCHTHEFLAME blowing out the candle moment:

Fun Great-Grandpa:


The whole crew; and yes the champagne toast was really just a ploy so we could tell all of them how much we love them and how we know we are so very lucky to have them:

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