Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quick Ketchup

While there isn't a ton of news to report, it seems our lives have been busy as ever.  Paul and I had a conversation just yesterday about the adjustment to the constant chaos that has become our lives, and how we can't remember what we were doing with our time prior to Lucy being around.  We also discussed how we were LOVING the madness, and could imagine about 20 kids running around this house making our days wild and loud and most of all, fun.  You've been warned...

Here's what we've been up to:

Cheering on the Jayhawks!  Rock Chalk!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Lucy's first parade experience!  And you know what?  She actually was happy and amused far longer than I was. 

And then there's my mom, she is thrilled she doesn't have to go to parades by herself anymore.  Lucy, you've brightened her world in many ways, but trust me when I tell you that this is up there on the list.

Playing in the Exersaucer, becoming more interactive with it everyday; ALSO, note the drool covering the bib, this has also become a pretty typical scene around our house. 

Naked baby, pre-bath. 
So cute. 
Now look a little closer. 
Peeing on Dad pre-bath...and he knows...and he's STILL SMILING. 
So cute. 


Clean baby after a VERY impressive blowout at school.

Yah, I know.  Lucy isn't even looking at the camera.  But the point is that the three of us are actually in a photograph together, so we are calling it good. 

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