Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the spirit of March Madness

If we weren’t already in love with Lucy’s daycare situation…this has officially sealed the deal.  Every year the Infant Room teachers embrace March Madness and have a little fun of their own with the babies.  Each child is dressed the part and has their photograph taken, they then post the "team" pictures on the wall outside the infant room.  According to them, this is Lucy “Little Dynamite” Dillon and her motto is: “You better WATCH out because I might have a BLOW out.”  I know!  Whatever we pay is not enough… (KIDDING)  Some of my other favorites were: Charles “Better than Barkley” Elliot and another great slogan was: "I always fly private, because I can’t even walk yet.”  Pretty great, huh?

This made us laugh.  Hard.  I can't decide whether it is the tongue sticking out, the white sweatband with the "Bird Man" hair, the unusually small looking legs (trust me, she has rubberband thighs...this does not look accurate) or the slightly boyish look she's projecting that gets me most, but it just cracks me up.  Oh, and I know the look on her face says a little more "Put me in, Bitch" than "Put me in, Coach" but she is my daughter afterall.  We'll probably have an attitude to address someday.  But not today. 

Rock Chalk!

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