Friday, April 18, 2014

More Lucy

As soon as I start documenting funny things Lucy says, I remember more...

Double Stroller
Lucy: Mama, are we going slow, medium or fast?
Me: We are going medium (running, and I assure you this is accurate).
Lucy: I want to go fast!
Me: I don't think I can go any faster than this, Luce.
Lucy: Of course you can, Mama. Just try. You can do it!

Lucy was messing around outside while I did some yard work and I spotted a rather large branch she had been carrying around, that miaraculously had not gouged her or sher ister's eye out yet. I try to sneak it away when she says: "Mama, don't take that branch, it's my destructive."

Potting Plants
We spent a good portion of last Saturday potting plants and Lucy helped by watering them once they were potted, she's carrying on with her job when I hear out of her mouth, "Awww man, I watered Lucy!" See the picture below...

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