Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lucy's world

Some of the gems out of Lucy's mouth lately... *

Paul: Lucy, don't you think this is a delicious dinner mama made?
Lucy: Yah dad, I totally love it.

Car ride:
Our family on the way home from my parents house for dinner.
Lucy: Dada, will you roll my window down, please?
Paul: Lucy, it's kind of cold, I don't think we are going to roll the windows down right now.
Lucy: But dada, I can't see the world!

Poop is a major topic of conversation in our house; no poop of Lucy's goes unannounced, un-discussed or unacknowledged.  With that...
Lucy: Mama, I gotta go poop.
Me: OK, Luce. Let me know when you are ready to wipe and I will come in there.
Lucy: (Runs to the bathroom and pauses...) OK. Want to know how I know I need to poop? I keep tooting like this...(LONG PAUSE...index finger pointing in the air indicating I am to wait...some grunting on her part...and what do you know, she squeezes out a toot on command...)
Lucy: See? I do need to poop.

Conversation(s) at 3 AM:
Sleeping...  Sleeping... Sleeping...  Paul goes to her room because Lucy had called for him in the middle of the night (not normal).  He's laying with her when she sits up in her bed and exclaims:
Lucy: Dada, when the peaches are ripe, can we eat them?

Another night I was in her room in the middle of the night because she had a cold and was coughing a lot. Finally, after water and propping up pillows I resorted to medicine.
Me: Lucy, I'm going to go get you some medicine, I will be right back.
Lucy: Mama, I want the orange stuff.
Me: No, I think we need the purple medicine right now.
Lucy: Oh purple, delicious, it tastes like grape!

Me: Hey Lucy, what do you want for breakfast?
Lucy: Mom, I said oatmeal.
Me: Oh, sorry, I didn't know you had decided.
Lucy: Yes. I told you like 120 times!

*(And yes, we are completely ignoring the amount of time that has passed since the last post.)

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