Thursday, November 7, 2013

The celebrations

Once again Lucy lucked out in the birthday party department. We had a celebration on her actual birthday with five of her friends (Grace, Izzy, Sam, Graham and Hudson) and their families and then we also continued the tradition of blowing out the candles again with her grandparents and great-grandparents. 

The party for the kiddos was a breakfast blowout complete with a sprinkled donut cake, waffle bar, donut hole pops, and just about every other breakfast item you can imagine. The kids had a great time eating, running in circles and playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

The next celebration was a little more low-key but oh so special. I am kicking myself - so no one else needs to - because somehow I failed to get a picture of the whole crew at this party, but those who love Lucy most were there. We sang Happy Birthday, and she blew out the candles. And then we did it again, at her demand request. Gifts were opened, cake was eaten and again we were reminded of how lucky we all are to be surrounded by these special people. 

Ready. Very, very ready.
The first time. And the second time looked just about the same. Cute.

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