Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First Cut

Those beautiful curls are gone. I'm sad. She looks like a big kid instead of my baby. BUT. We fight less over brushing her hair and she has fewer dreadlocks, which for my personal preference, is a positive. She happens to still be cute. Wild, I know.

Waiting... With a hot pink cell phone that she reported "didn't work" while watching Minnie Mouse.

Ready... It took some work to make that smile appear; she was not thrilled about the idea of having her hair cut.

In process... Janie was spraying her hair so it was wet and Lucy kept asking, "Are we done?"

Almost done... Sitting still with her chin down was challenging, so we tried standing. Much better!

She wouldn't let me take an "after" shot. She was more than ready to leave that place, "Bye, Janie!" This was at the park the next day and this was the best I could do capturing a picture of her new 'do while holding still.


  1. She is so cute! Haircuts are always entertaining if nothing else. I bet if I show Landon that first picture she will insist on getting a supergirl outfit TODAY. XO

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