Sunday, October 13, 2013

eight months

She is officially crawling!

She loves throwing her hands in the air when we say, "How big is Savannah? SOOOOO BIIIIIIIIIGGGG."

She is easily the most relaxed baby I've ever met. She is only slightly cranky when she is hungry or tired; fair enough. I was with two pregnant moms last week and they both wanted to know how to put an order in for a baby like her. She happily sat in her high chair at lunch with a group of four moms (two of which are pregnant) and six loud kids and just played with Sophie the giraffe and her rattle while the madness of lunch ensued.

She smiles, big huge gummy smiles. She smacks her lips together and is more vocal by the day.

She is one happy little girl and I'm lucky to be her mama!

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