Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lucy lately

We have all been adjusting to life as a family of four and Lucy has had some great moments that I do not want to go undocumented in all the shuffle. In no particular order...
  • When Savannah was born and we first told Lucy her name, she spent the first few weeks calling her Sabannah Sarie.  Now it's just Sabannah or sometimes Banana. 
  • They discuss emotions A LOT at school and I can assure you she has them down.  She is quick to tell you when someone is mad or sad or scared (she pulls this card whenever she is being talked to sternly, "Mama, you SCARED me."). The other day Paul and Lucy were outside playing and he was asking her what kind of girl she was.  "Are you a sad girl?"  "NOOOO" she would say.  "Are you a crazy girl?"  "Are you a mad girl?"  "Are you a big girl?"  "Are you a funny girl?"  And after lots and lots of no's, he finally asked her what kind of girl she was. She promptly replied, "I'm a happy girl!" He asked her why and she said, "Because you hugged me, Dada."  And then he became permanent mush.
  • She calls Chapstick "Chastwick" and I kind of hope it never changes. 
  • If you ask her "What time is it?" she either says "8:30" (I don't know why it is always 8:30...) or "It's time for yunch (lunch)!" which is a line from the show Bubble Guppies. 
  • We were at the grocery store the other day and I was looking for a specific brand of fruit snacks.  She said, "Mama, what you doing?" and I responded with, "I'm looking for something, Luce." And she said, "Oh, you looking for your email?"
  • She likes to sit at the laptop or iPad and bang on the keys as if she was working on a very important document.  When asked what she's doing she always says, "I'm woooooorking!"
  • To say she is obsessed with Scar from The Lion King is a vast understatement.  She talks about him ALL the time (creepy that my kid loves the evil villain??).  I got a report from school yesterday that there was a monster on the playground and according to Lucy his name was Scar.
  • Another story from school.  They were finishing up snack and apparently the little boy sitting next to Lucy was making a mess and bothering her, so Lucy started pointing at him and yelling at the teacher, "Him's all done! Him's all done!" 
  • To understand this story you need to know that when she and I go to the grocery store on the weekend, if she cooperates and "helps" me she gets to pick a donut when we are done; and that word 'cooperate' has become a buzz word around our house.   So, I was putting her to bed a few nights ago and she was THIS close to being completely asleep when she abruptly lifted up her head and said, "Scar's a bad guy."  I agreed.  Then she said "Scar did not cooperate."  I again agreed.  She then said, "Scar does not get a donut."  I said that no, he does not get a donut, and about 60 seconds later she was snoring. 
  • The other night Paul had Lucy ready for bed, bathed, in her pj's and picking out books.  He leans down to give her a kiss while I hand Savannah off to Paul and snuggle in next to her.  Cue a complete fit.  Fits aren't rare, but fits of this magnitude are something special...  Finally, we ask her what is wrong and she says, "Dada, don't leave with Sabannah.  I want to read books as a family!"  So we all cuddle in her bed and read books as a family.  I guess some fits turn out all right. 
  • She has moments that are very challenging for all of us (for example: she has completely given up all potty training efforts when we had almost completely mastered this task before Savannah's arrival...); this adjustment to another little person in the house has been hard on her for sure.  She can't be the center of the universe the way she once was (breaks my heart a little to even type that) but she also has moments of being so tender and sweet that I just can't stand it.  She likes to help Savannah when the pacifier falls out of her mouth and she gently puts it back in, she tells her, "it's ok, Sabannah" whenever she is crying, she likes to kiss the top of her head and she also takes the opportunity to teach her a thing or two every once in a while.  Below, Savannah having a little tummy time and Lucy teaching her the about the good stuff in life: plastic bacon, a magnet that looks like Simba, a stuffed mouse, and comforting pats on the back from your big sister.


  1. Ha, I love that Scar does not get a donut. She is a hoot! :)

  2. I love the Lucy-isms! She's hilarious. XOXO