Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toddler Talk

A few conversations that have happened in our house over the last week:

"I love you to the moon."

I put Lucy to bed 90% of the time.  She likes for Paul to give her a bath - I think he's much more creative with water activities - and for me to put her to bed.  She even told me a few weeks ago that I was "good at reading" so I think she enjoys my dramatic story-reading skills and also to snuggle with me as she drifts off to Lalaland.  When she's approaching sleep and our stories, conversations, or song-singing are ending, I try not to engage her in anything that will keep her wheels turning as I want her to focus on nothing but sleep.  I always say the same things and she typically repeats what I say and that's how we bid the day adieu.  A few nights ago, she threw me for a loop...

ME: I love you.

Lucy: I love you. 

ME: I love you SO much.

Lucy: I love you SO much.

ME: I love you to the MOON!

Lucy: I was anticipating hearing this phrase repeated back to me when she says, "I love you to the puzzle."

ME:  I hesitate to respond as I would like to think she's close to falling asleep, but I just can't help myself.  "What?  What did you say?"

Lucy:  I love you to the puzzle.

ME:  Huh?  What puzzle?

Lucy:  My Elmo puzzle.  I love you to the puzzle. 

And if you knew how much she loved her Elmo puzzle, you would know this is proof that this kid truly loves me.  All the way to the puzzle. 



Lucy has been a good sleeper since day one.  We have been so spoiled with the amount of sleep she lets us have, and on some occassions she takes her sleeping to the next level and Paul and I are both, showered, dressed, fed and ready to leave for work and she's...still sleeping.  This particular morning, she was indulging in sleep and at 8 AM Paul and I finally decided it was time she get up.  We both went in her room to wake her up. 

Paul: Lucy, Good Morning!

ME: Hi Lucy, it's time to wake up.

Paul: Rubbing her back.  "Lucy it's time to get ready for school." 

ME: Lucy, it's time to have breakfast and greet the day!

As we are prompting her to get up she is doing her best to ignore us completely; sucking her thumb, pretending not to wake up, turning to face the wall so that we will HOPEFULLY quit bothering her and she can go back to sleep. 

Paul:  Lucy, we have to get dressed so you can go to school and see your friends!  It's going to be so much fun.

Anne:  Lucy, Dada already made breakfast for you, you need to get up while it's still hot.

Paul:  Lucy, I have scrambled eggs and milk waiting downstairs for you.

She stirs, the mention of food gets her attention.

Paul:  Lucy, your eggs are getting cold, we need to go have breakfast.

Lucy:  She pops her head up, hair in her face, but eyes suddenly wide open.  "Dada, you make bacon?"

...That's my girl! 

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  1. I think Lucy and Landon will be great pals. Landon has to be woken up for school most days too (we are so spoiled! terrified for my next child!) and the promise of food usually will help move things along in our house too. Love these cute stories!