Monday, January 14, 2013

"That's amazing!"

Last Saturday, Lucy and Paul were downstairs in the kitchen and I could only hear parts of this conversation, but once Paul filled me in on the whole thing, I decided it was too awesome not to repeat. 

Lucy and Paul are in the kitchen getting her bag ready for us to leave the house.  The ice machine kicks on making a noise...

Lucy: Dada. What's that noise?

Paul: It's the ice machine in the freezer. 

He picks her up, opens the freezer and gives her a brief lesson about ice makers.   

Paul: The water comes in, it gets really cold so it freezes, then the ice machine spits out ice cubes. It's amazing.

Lucy: PAUSES...  Dada, I want some more amazing.

Paul laughs, then carries on with another story, summing it up with, "Isn't that amazing?"

Lucy: PAUSES...  Dada, I want some more amazing.

Fast forward about 15 minutes later; we were driving out to the farm for our last and final Christmas celebration of 2012 (yes, a week into 2013).  We approached the lake and started driving over the dam.  Paul points out to Lucy that the water in some places is frozen, and while gazing out the window, without missing a beat she said, "Dada, that's amaaaaaaaazing."

This, among the millions of other moments we parents get to see through the innocent eyes of our children, makes me wish we all spent a little more time in Lucy's world where all the little things in life really are amaaaaaaazing.   

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