Friday, December 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Since we are four days from Christmas (HOOOOOOOWWWW!?!?) I have decided to force myself to document that Thanksgiving did actually exist for us this year; although it did not look like it usually does...  Contrary to what I may have once believed, spending Thanksgiving stuffing your face with turkey and sweet potatoes while poolside in sunny, 85 degree weather does not suck.  In fact, we rather enjoyed ourselves.  We spent Thanksgiving in Phoenix this year and had a great time! 
Just landed in Phoenix! On the bus to get the rental car. She's happy to have a good reason to wear her shades.
Lucy and Papa poolside.



Uncles. Doing what uncles do best. Playing dangerous games that are likely to break someone's arm, while also making the niece one of the happiest kids alive. I wish I had captured all of this on video, but the blurry photos actually tell the story pretty well.


Again, more of that uncle behavior I was talking about!


The zoo!
All my people in one spot.  Staring at an enormous, muddy, smelly pachyderm.  It's amazing the difference one little girl can make!


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