Friday, December 14, 2012

She's already calling me out

This morning Lucy and I were getting her dressed (yes, this is a cooperative effort) and she started coughing.  The real kind.  The kind where I think, "hmmmmm, what do I have going on today at work should I get THE CALL?"  She's had a yucky nose for a few days but I have mostly been chalking it up to her two-year molars coming in combined with temperatures in the teens at night and well into the 50s+ during the day.  To be honest, all three of us have had some variation of crud in the last week or so, but 'tis the season to push on, so push on we have.  And then there was this conversation:


Me: Lucy, that doesn't sound good.  You have a cough!

Lucy: Yah, Mama.

Me:  Do you feel ok?  Let me feel your forehead.

Lucy: Noooooooooooo. Pulling away from me, she would just like to be left alone.

Me (In my best indignant voice, wondering which terrible, irresponsible daycare parents I can blame): Is this going around in your classroom?  Who started this?  Lucy, does someone at school have a cough?   

Lucy: Yah, Mama.

Me: Well, who is the one with the cough?

Lucy: Me.

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  1. Love the transcripts you've been putting up - she's a smart girl! :) XO