Sunday, September 9, 2012

Paul's perspective

Almost every thought, photo and video on this blog belong to me and are my perspective of our life since Lucy entered the picture.  However, I was perusing Paul's phone the other day and realized he's got some great videos that I don't have and I thought they needed to be permanently documented here.  Some of these are really old, like from the days of Lucy just beginning to walk, and most of them aren't really of anything specific, but as I started flipping through I couldn't stop uploading them...  So, you don't need to watch them all but they make me happy and already the older ones make me very nostalgic. 
Highchair fun, October 2011:
Wobbly walker, October 2011:
Halloween night 2011, post-peacock:
Lucy's 1st Birthday Party (yes, one of the two) 2011:
The popper!!!  December 2011:
February 2012 - same popper, more specific target (poor Buckley!):
April 2012, renditions of Humpty Dumpty; I apologize for how I annoying I am in advance:
April 2012, playing in Gaga and Papa's backyard:
July 2012, Pop Goes the Weasel as if she's never seen it before!:
August 2012, and usually the REAL reason I'm late to work...:
September 2012, meeting Dozer, the puppy that Mimi was babysitting:

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