Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grayton Beach, 2012

This, like every other beach trip we've taken with Roches, was wonderful. 
I would be remiss not to mention that there were moments, like we had all anticipated, where it just didn't feel right, where it felt like someone was missing.  You know when you travel in large groups and everyone sits down for dinner, or everyone is loading into cars and you say, "Who is missing?  Do we have...?  Yup, there's Erin.  Sam.  Tyson.  The three little kids...OK, yep, we're all here."  Except this time, when we were "all there"...we weren't.  Someone was missing.  BUT.  Lisa has a presence, for sure.  In a way, she was definitely right there with us. 
I remember walking down to the beach for the first time, within minutes of first arriving at the beach - no one had even changed clothes, we just started walking toward the waves, and I thought to myself: How am I going to do this?  How does this all work without Lisa standing right there beside me?  And as the salty smell of the ocean grew stronger and the sound of the waves grew louder, my throat tightened and it stung.  And then?  And then it was wonderful, my moment of pity and whyohwhyohwhy, subsided as I watched Lucy, Landon and Beau jump into that water with reckless abandon; suddenly, it all felt so right.
I will never forget the way these beach trips used to be, how they have shaped me as a person, but in that moment it became clear as ever that it is now our responsibility to allow this next generation of kiddos the same thing.  Non-stop fun, a week away from it all, a week with people who love you no matter what, a time to feel small and insignificant when looking at the ocean, but at the same time big and courageous about all you can get out of life.  They need and deserve that.  So, we're all in.  This trip is carrying on, with whatever life brings our way.  These kids need a week at the beach, Buhler/Roche style.  And so do the rest of us! 
We spent mornings poolside...
And afternoons on the beach...

Children of mothers who LOVE Target!

So tired from all the fun!  Fast asleep on Sam (Shiam, according to Lucy).

We had one rainy day.  Which for the adults mostly meant more Olympic watching, napping, baking, eating, reading and puzzling.  And don't feel too sorry for the smallest three of the bunch - they didn't slow down for one second!

Harder than it looks!

Aaaaaand the next day the sun was back.  And so were the bubbles.
Happy 3rd Beau-Beau (Beau's life!)!  Every three year old should have dinner and dessert at The Red Bar on their birthday!  And it goes without saying...I can't believe you are already THREE!  Love you, buddy!
We went on a walk to Seaside.
It's blurry, but this was a common scene on the back porch.  Beau, Landon and Lucy devouring goldfish.

And the next generation of backwards pictures begins...


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