Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

We went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead:
We saw cows. 

And chickens.

And goats.
We even got brave and fed the goats.

And once we got tired of the aggressive, hungry, pushy yet adorable goats, we stuck that thumb in our mouth and waited for the bottle to run dry. 

We fished.  

And after a few hours (really, this place is huge, it is so great!) of visiting all the animals, we found the play equipment and that was pretty fun too!

Then on Sunday we had coffee on the back deck.   

We climbed on the chairs.

We tried, and I can confidently say, failed, at getting a decent picture of Lucy and me on Mother's Day:

Dada got some attention too:

We had a lesson in learning how to GENTLY brush Buckley:

And then we got in trouble for beating the dog with the brush:

We took a trip to the Dollar Store:

And then a trip out to Grandma Gaye and Grandpa Tom's house where we fed fish:

We took another stab (a few stabs, actually) at a four generation picture:

We ate fresh picked strawberries:

And when Mama said, "I think we're done with strawberries," I led Grandpa back to the goods because I KNEW he would be on my side:

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