Thursday, June 14, 2012


These (FOUR?!?!) sorry photos and my impending story about the quick trip Paul and I took to Chicago last month do not do it justice.  The short story: it rained 60% of the time and I don’t believe we saw the sun once; I spent most of my time sporting Sam's North Face fleece (he’s 6’2” – a good look for me, yes) as opposed to the sun dresses I had hoped to wear; and truth be told, we didn’t kill ourselves seeing all of the sights and sounds of that wonderful city.

What we DID do was have tons and tons of fun.  We went to a Cubs game, hung out in Wrigleyville, bummed around watching basketball, explored the Art Institute of Chicago, strolled through Millennium Park, ate really good food and drank to our hearts content.  Did I mention that Lucy got to stay home with her grandparents? 
The bottom line is that my brothers (I’m totally biased and still totally convinced when I say this) are really great people; in fact, two of my favorites; so a weekend with them, even in the rain, always ends up being just what I needed.

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