Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lucy's Way

The other day I said, "Lucy go sit next to your dada, I want to take a picture" and Paul said, "How about YOU sit down with Lucy and I'll take a picture?  There aren't that many pictures of you with Lucy." 


This is what ensued.

Not bad, but always keep trying for the PERFECT shot, right?

I mean, the sucking of the thumb definitely speaks to what 
she is up to these days.  But, hey, we can do better. 

Fed up with this STUPID game and trying to make a getaway. 

At this point we decided our chance of success would go up significantly if we let her run around the yard for a while.

Time elapses. 

The idiot parents try again...

Paul swoops her up, brings her back to me and I try to
talk her into giving this whole picture thing another whirl.

Deer in the headlights on the left and yes I STILL hate this and
will continue sucking my thumb on the right.


MELTDOWN in progress.

So...we FINALLY (yah, I know, I know...) give up. 

She proceeds to scramble off my lap,sprints for this bush, and plops down defiantly.  

And while I should be totally offended that she didn't want this photo shoot to happen with ME, and adding insult to injury she's totally psyched about sitting in this bush (check that smirk on her face!), this, THIS photo below of her sitting in a bush looking 100% posed while she's really just doing things HER way, made the whole episode worth it. 


  1. this is the way things go... sometimes ...

  2. That is so precious! She and Beau are going to have quite the arranged marriage as stubborn as they both are! I LOVE all those pictures!