Monday, May 21, 2012

Dillon Campout

A few weeks ago...  Am I the only one noticing this trend?  This blog is not happening in real time, I am consistently about three or four weeks behind in reporting what is actually happening in our day to day lives, and when I find more hours in each day I will make this happen quicker, but until then...

I digress.

A few weeks ago the Dillon clan went camping, and I don't just mean our little family of three.  According to my count there were 19 of us there; we had a great time fishing, playing washers and bean bags, eating, drinking, sitting by the fire, talking and laughing.  Had there been boats, rounds of golf and a trip to Granny's Pantry we would have started to confuse this Saturday night with an evening in Minnesota...  If you give this family a lake and some beer, good times will be had by all.   

I didn't take a ton of pictures, but I want to point out that I DO realize there were 19 of us there, even though my photos are tightly honed in on that little girl of ours.  I would say that I'm going to work on this, but that would be a blatant lie, because I am happy taking pictures of her all day long. 

The weather was cloudy and cool but ideal for sweatshirts and a campfire.  And, in a twist I never saw coming, the weather ended up creating a pretty sweet deal for this mom who was  already planning to take one for the team; you see, we decided that I would take Lucy home to sleep when it started getting late, that way the party could go on without any concern over a sleeping baby and that sleeping baby could be a sleeping baby instead of a cranky baby all night and likely the next day...  Little did I know that taking Lucy home would be the best move anyone made all night; after a bath and some books I put that sweet little girl to bed and dozed off myself.  I woke up around 3:00AM to the sound of pouring rain outside, and while I remember hoping the storm had jumped right over the farm and my camping buddies, I snuggled back up to my warm DRY sheets and drifted back to sleep.  When Paul called the next morning he said they had played musical tents all night long trying to avoid the wettest, sloppiest abode, some people had opted to sleep in cars, some cars would up stuck in the mud, he had been cuddled up next to our very wet dog, and the stories go on and on.  All the while Lucy and I well-rested and I have never been so happy to call it a night early!

How did we ever get a cooler packed without her help?!

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  1. Stop it with those pigtails! So cute. Can't wait to see her (and all of you!) this summer! xoxo