Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYE 2011

New Year's Eve 2011 was one of the more tame celebrations I've been a part of.  And truth be told, it was more fun than many previous NYE's seeking debauchery and a hangover - neither are very hard to find!  And in addition to a really fun night, I didn't feel like a waste of space the whole next day, I never even pretended I was going to wear heels and a skimpy dress, and I learned that watching the ball drop in pajamas is definitely the way to go.

With Lucy in tow, we headed to KC stay with our friends Al (who is six months pregnant) and Chris who had Nathan (Chris' son) and his friend Cameron for the evening.  We headed to a local pizza joint but other than that enjoyed cocktails and appetizers in the comfort of their home with games, movies, sports and a whole lotta fun.

The boys:

The girls (minus Lucy, plus the boy in Al's tummy):

Queen Bee:

The whole crew:

Oh and here's an unflattering but hilarious video of yours truly playing Guesstures.  In 2012 I've found myself much less robotic (my friends have made fun of my charades skills for years) and less competitive.  It all changed just hours after this video was taken; I'm a whole new woman, calm, cool and not at all concerned about winning.  Because, now.  NOW I pick people to be on my team who know mad SKILLZ when they see them!!  Because HELLO?!??!!  WINDSHIELD WIPERS, people!!!  (Apparently the competitive streak is hard to get rid of...)

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