Friday, January 13, 2012

L says lllllllllllllllllll

My friend Susan handed down the toy in this video; it is one her boys used to play with.  Actually, the term "used to" was correct until the morning she had it out to bring to me.  She was getting it all cleaned up for Lucy and while the pieces were scattered on her kitchen table, Andrew and Thomas took a renewed interest in the letters and were spelling out some very clever words that probably won't get spelled out in our house for a few more years.  Susan offered the disclaimer when she passed the toy along, though she made sure to point out that Andrew and Thomas thought none of the "good words" worked because there is only one of each letter, so "poop" and "butt" are out.

This toy has already provided hours of entertainment - with an educational aspect as well (bonus!).  Lucy thinks it is great and it makes it so I can have my hands free for a few minutes so I concur.  And this particular evening she thought it was really great.   

I should mention two things.  1. I haven't seen Lucy's feet stand this still since about July.  Yah, I know, she wasn't walking then.  Not exactly sure what that is all about, but I would love to know what was running through her head with her feet stuck in the mud like that while she was flapping away up top, and 2. Lucy's getup.  Apparently she and the salsa didn't get along at school so they had to change her pants.  Right, just her pants.  Not her shirt.  I have no idea...  But that's why she's wearing some random pants that belong to God only knows who. 


  1. Love it! Or, should I say lllllllove it. ;)

  2. I love that she loves it. It's so sad, but I could still sing all 26 of those little ditties. You'll learn to love them too. :-)

  3. This makes me smile because we have the exact same toys on our fridge. The gears included. Although Peyton doesn't attend near as long as Lucy. That's impressive.