Sunday, September 25, 2011

House Project, Part 742

I don't even know how to keep track anymore.  We have so many projects going at once, and every time we take three steps forward we discover there is something else we would like to do, or really should do to make the project come together better.  And then you have the carpet guy coming over to cut and re-stretch the BRAND NEW carpet that was installed just days ago because you've decided to make the area that is tiled around the fireplace larger than it was before and you hadn't originally anticipated that move so he needs to come back out and, and, AND.  That's how these projects have gone. 

Living Room: At this stage in the game we were still determining what our plan of attack was.  The only thing that was certain was that we were indeed replacing the tile because we had ripped out the old tiles and you'll see that the shredded sheet rock look isn't quite right for the room.  We knew after one quick trial coat on the mantel that the gray paint was NOT it and we had eliminated about 12 different makes and models of glass, ceramic and stone tile.  Final decision still to be determined.

Dining Room: See the way he's standing there like that?!  Do you see it?  He's taking it in, soaking it all up now that an ENTIRE WALL AND A HALF is completed, and this, THIS STANCE right here is what you get before he turns to me and says, "SO, it's really red, huh?"

Me: "Paul!  Turn around and smile for the camera while you act like you like it."
Paul: Slow body rotation and even slower head turn to face me, roller up and a smirky little grin on his face.

Back to work (Oh and I should mention here that it is VERY fun to paint walls when you know the flooring is coming up - it's like a built in drop cloth):

Once the paint was completed (this took SEVERAL coats), we were in agreement that the color - California Poppy - looked great!  With painted walls we could finally return to the original project which was tearing out the carpet and replacing it with cork flooring, so...

The tools:

And yes, switching from carpet to another type of flooring means not only ripping up the carpet and pad, but all tack strips and staples must come up too. 




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