Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Photo

Before the wedding we attended a few weeks ago my mom snapped some photos of our little family pre-shindig. 
Everyone showered?  Check.  Everyone dressed appropriately?  Check.  Everyone have their eyes open?  Check.  AND looking at the camera?  Check.  Everyone smiling?  Check.

"Mom!!! Take it NOWWWWW!"

I could nitpick these (ok, mostly having to do with ME) to death but I will do my best to refrain.  My only real complaint is that they are a little blurry, but taking into consideration that the woman shooting us was madly searching the house up and down for the glasses that were already sitting on her head, and that she was clarifying which button actually takes the picture while we were waiting with our smiles, we'll take 'em!

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