Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to LOVE this February

10.  My grandparents took a trip to the Panama Canal; partly for relaxation and partly to build water filtration systems supplying clean water to people who otherwise would not have it.  There are some incredible stories involving my grandpa driving a three-ton semi truck through hilly, windy roads; my grandma being left to “watch” said semi truck while the rest of the crew was off somewhere else – only to see a drug deal go down; both of them carrying 50 lb. bags of sand and gravel in order to help create the filtration systems; and going all day without eating…but the best part was my grandpa tearing up telling us that it was all worth it when an elderly man hobbled up to him and whispered “thank you, amigo” as he pointed to the water.  Heart.  Break.  In a good way.

9. My parents still like each other enough to take trips to Mexico together on their own, and they both talked about how much fun their trip was when it consisted mostly of morning coffee, beach walking and afternoon beers before a good siesta.
8. I have hope that Paul and I are as cool as the couples mentioned in #9 and #10 when we get older.
7. Buckley turned four.  Our first child turned four, we sang to her and presented her with a hot pink squeaking bone that set us back a whopping $2.99 and she LOVES it.  I can’t believe she’s been making us laugh, scream and chase balls with her for FOUR years.
6. The Girl Scout Cookies are FINALLY gone.
5. Last week it was 70 degrees and we were outside in t-shirts!  I know it may not be here NOW, but spring is certainly on its way.
4. My husband surprised me with a beautiful necklace for Valentine’s Day.
3. Sometimes we lay in bed in the morning listening to the monitor, hearing all of the sweet noises Lucy makes as she wakes up, and then she farts and we laugh like we’re eight years old.
2. We got our first Valentine from Lucy.  It had her thumbprint on it and read “Thumb-body” loves you!  I think Stepping Stones had a hand in that...
1. The picture speaks for itself:

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  1. #3 made me crack up...toilet humor is, and will always be funny in our house, too.