Monday, January 10, 2011

Where has the time gone?

So... I'm heading back to work tomorrow.  I'm surprisingly calm.  But I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my emotions are on a bit of a roller coaster. One minute I feel like a little girl awaiting her first day of school and am genuinely very excited to head back to work; I've missed using my brain in a different capacity, I've missed the people I work with, and I've missed the routine that comes with working; but I also have moments that I feel a little uncertain about the change that's taking place - I've gotten used to being home with Lucy. This next step is unknown territory - I don't know what life is like as a working Mom.  How will this work?  What will our new "normal" consist of?  But in addition to all of this, I think the emotion that snuck up on me in a way I wasn't expecting is a bit of sadness; not that I'm going back to work and not that I have to get up early in the morning and actually shower and dress myself for the rest of the world to see (ok, kind of on this one)'s that I cannot believe this little girl of mine is 10 weeks old and that this special time in our lives is over. 

I have been able to absorb everything this little girl has to offer and all of a sudden she's looking very grown up, talking up a storm (really, you'd be surprised), smiling, sleeping through the night (!!!) and she's not the newborn we brought home from the hospital.  We have had such a wonderful time as these 10 weeks have been chock full of exciting new life transitions and going back to work tomorrow morning signals that this portion is over.  I just can't believe how fast time is going.  Parents always warned me that this would happen but now it's happening to me, to us, and I'm just baffled by it. 

It snowed today, more than 6" - in fact it's still coming down - and I think it was well timed. Instead of running around trying to fill this day with last minute this and that, I was reminded to slow down and enjoy this baby. She's changing every day and I need to continue to stop and watch instead of missing it.  Because as a brief (ok, brief for two new parents with cameras at the ready) recap of the last 10 weeks...none of this should be missed.

November 2, 2010


First bottle

First bath

Thanksgiving - Paige, Erin & Beau came to visit!

First Christmas Tree Farm experience.

Lucy and her buddy Buckley.

One month!

Dog Park

Grace arrives!

Uncle Tyson comes home to visit.

Christmas morning!

'Boots with the Fur' courtesy of Lung...

Four generations.

Two Months!

Tomorrow life changes in this household, that is for sure, but if the past 10 weeks have taught me anything it's that things will just keep getting better.  Thanks for joining us Lucy Loo, we're forever grateful that you are just as you are.

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