Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ode to January 2011

I can’t believe it’s almost February. Furthermore I can’t believe I’m starting ANOTHER post with a comment about how much time has gone by and how quickly... But, since I’ve outed myself I feel free to continue. Holy Hell, it’s nearly February 2011! I am still writing, or typing rather, 2010 on everything and here we are almost to the second month of 2011. Time is flying; it’s official.

While I am at home snuggling with our Sweet Pea, Paul is currently on a sunny mountain top in Breckenridge, Colorado with a big group of his Drake buddies (and lucky Greg!). He will have to tell you all about his trip when he gets back, but just in case he doesn’t find the time…booze, snowboarding, inappropriate jokes and the hot tub should pretty much sum it up. Here’s his wide-open opportunity to correct me if, indeed, I am mistaking.

Life being back at work has been great. I’ve been really busy and feel refocused and reenergized after my time away from the office. If I’m not going to be with that kiddo, I want my time away from her to mean something so I am feeling really positive about being back at work and am hitting the ground running. But since I no longer sit around taking pictures of my child all day, I’ve consequently fallen behind on documenting our world. Lucy’s probably thrilled she can finally go 24 hours without a camera flash in her face, but don’t worry, I’m trying to make up for lost time.  See Exhibit A-H below.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Kristen & Grace, Amy & Izzy, Anne & Sam, Anne & Lucy

Exhibit C

Exhibit D
Daddy & Me!

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

Exhibit G

Exhibit H
Perfection in polka-dots.

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