Saturday, June 7, 2014

My grandma is cooler than yours.

Unless of course you are one of my brothers or one of my cousins, and then I would agree that your grandma is also quite cool.
My grandma (grandpa was there too, enduring all of the girl madness!) hosted an afternoon tea party for their four great-granddaughters. Dress up clothes were laid out for the girls when we arrived and as you can see, our oldest daughter is a fan. Not pictured: the high heels she puts on every time we go out there, whether we are playing inside or out. Then the girls enjoyed tea (mango juice), accompanied by strawberries from the garden and hazelnut cookies at their very own pint-sized table. The gathering ended with bubble-blowing and water balloon throwing as afternoon teas tend to do. It was an afternoon we will remember for a very long time.


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