Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Radio Silence

"Uh, is this thing on?"

Well, life here at the Dillon household is most definitely "on" it's just that the recording of said life is not quite as "on" as I would like for it to be. A lot has happened since I last reported...

Savannah turned 10 months old! Most notably by her 10 month birthday, she had finally (FINALLY) cut her first tooth and she started pulling to standing. She's also still cute, yes.
We celebrated Christmas. Seven Christmases to be exact. Yup. Seven. My first very honest thought is: deep sigh. That's a LOT of Christmases and they are exhausting for sure. But my very next thought is: lucky, lucky us. We have that many family members around us that we get to celebrate with. And that second thought is the one that sticks around for longer, after the exhaustion of the celebrations has passed, the memories are what hang around. It was a wonderful Christmas (or seven) and as the girls get older the holidays get better and better.

New Years Eve came and went. Paul and I celebrated with our good friends Allison and Chris in Kansas City. It was a very fun night out and we were appropriately punished the next day. Well worth it, we said.
Then, (wow, I've been off-line for a while...) Savannah turned 11 months! She cut a few more teeth and started taking teeny, tiny steps while holding on to the coffee table or someone's hands. At this point she still doesn't seem too interested in walking on her own; she crawls quickly and for now that seems to be good enough for her! Although her growth chart will likely not show the results of her new eating habits (she is still smaller than many babies much younger than she is), she is typically the first one to the table (high chair) for food and outlasts the rest of us. That's a big statement in this house... Black beans, sweet potatoes, pears and CARBS are her favorite - bread, pasta, Cheerios, rice, etc. She loves carbs. And who can blame her? She is also still always happy, happy, HAPPY. See the picture below; we don't even have to do anything  special to get that nose-scrunching-genuinely-happy-ear-to-ear-grin. People comment all the time on her calm, cool and smily demeanor. We are doing SOMETHING right! Or maybe she's just happy. Probably the latter, and that's ok with me. In fact, we should all take notes. She's happy just because she's happy. Unless her older sister grabs a toy out of her hand (what, Lucy?! Never!) and then you will hear that her set up pipes indeed works. I think that little game they play is good for both of them.

I will try to get back to regular updates. No promises. I intentionally didn't make this one of my resolutions! (Insert evil laughter here.)

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  1. Anne- Savannah is SOO CUTE. I just want to squeeze her... but i won't... cause that could be weird...