Friday, September 13, 2013

seven months

She's inching closer to the 12 month mark everyday.  Duh.  But really, seven months already?!  She's still rolling all over the place and starting to threaten to crawl.  Mostly she's just frustrated that she can't yet.  She loves to sit, and does it quite well on her own, and play with her toys; the rainbow colored stackable rings still prove to be a great toy for kids this age.  She loves prunes, carrots and green beans and drinking water out of the sippy cup - - of course she is not very interested in the yellow squash because that is the vegetable I actually made instead of buying from the store...  She does NOT want to be laying down, reclined, or in any other position that might keep her from seeing all the action; if the stroller seat is kicked back further than she would like, she will just hold her head up straining her neck muscles until it is fixed.  She puts everything in her mouth; toys, magazines, books, shoes, remote controls.  She went on her first airplane ride this past month (to the lake in Wisconsin which I documented so poorly I'm not even sure a blog post is possible) and was a champ the whole time. She smiles constantly and lights up when her dada walks in the room.  She's pretty easy to love, this one.

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