Thursday, November 1, 2012


Orange pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.  And yes, the transformation is almost complete.  My mom's holiday traditions are trickling into my life slowly but surely and I can just picture my brothers shaking their heads at this.  They also know that it is awesome. 

Lucy thought this was so fun!  And she was in a really good mood all morning - I'm thinking we may go with colored pancakes for a while. 

And then she continued cooperating with my holiday-happy-picture-taking neediness.  I asked her to come outside and sit by the pumkins and smile and...I give adorable, cooperating (almost!) two year old. 

Action shots of the parade at school.

I was able to witness the Halloween parade and surrounding hoopla this year and I tell you, it is nothing short of a miracle watching those teachers get all those kids lined up and marching in the parade, smiling for a photo, etc..  Whatever they are paid, it is not enough.  But how cute are all these kids?!?!  Especially that bumblebee!

Halloween night.  In full costume. 

Grace and Lucy.  The cutest bugs I've ever seen. 

The girls didn't stop moving for about three hours...

I caught Lucy in the air.  Flying bumblebee!

This cracks me up.  A bee and a ladybug sprawled out on the green at the golf course. 

This was so funny.  REALLY funny to Lucy and Grace.  Kristen's mom is Grace's Mimi.  Paul's mom is Lucy's Mimi.  But did you know that you can look at either one and say "Mimi" - EVEN IF IT'S NOT YOUR MIMI - and...she will answer.  BAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHA. 

And then the came crashing down from the sugar and were exhaused by running around all night (the weather was perfect!), costumes were slowly peeling off and they decided to sit down and read books.  They even snuggled together under a blanket for a minute. 

All in all a wonderful Halloween!

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