Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday Fun!

Last Friday I took a much-needed and slightly impromptu morning off of work and it turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.  Erin had called me on Monday afternoon to say that Paige was heading this direction to recruit in Lawrence on Friday, and she and Beau were thinking about tagging along and wondered if we would have time to hang out.  I told her to just get here and I would worry about the rest...  So, they stayed the night with us on Thursday and on Friday morning we implemented what I would call a half-day staycation and we had ourselves a very good time if I do say so myself! 

We were lazy early in the morning: cups of coffee, the Today show, two kids squealing with delight over shopping carts, puzzles, blocks, books and a $10 tent I bought from Walmart that I would have paid double for if I would have known the hours of fun that thing would provide. 

Once we were done being lazy, we stuffed two over-sized strollers, two (ENORMOUS Britax) carseats, two crazy mom's and two smiling kiddos (aren't they cute?!) into the car and we were off on our adventure!

First stop: Munchers Bakery! 
Oh, the excitement of picking out your own donut!!!
Second stop: The Natural History Museum! 
Gaga (my mom) had both of them VERY pumped to see the polar bear.  It delivered! 

Imitating the baby monkey's face!


Third stop: The Kansas Union

Lucy and Beau walked around jumping on all of the Jayhawks (huge tiles on the floor inside), perused (and by perused I mean tore through the store pulling every pom-pom, sticker, shirt, stuffed animal, pillow, poster, etc. off the shelves so that their moms had something to do!) the Jayhawk Bookstore, and finally attempted to have our photo taken with all four of us actually looking at the camera and smiling.  HAHAHAHAHHAHA to that idea said every mom in the world, ever.

The fourth stop (Dillons) was not documented because while my mom and Erin ran into the store to grab lunch for all of us to share, I was engaged in settling an argument between the almost-two year old and the three year old about who actually would be receiving apple juice when my mom and Erin got back to the car.  "Both of you" was NOT an acceptable answer.  "My apple juice!"  "No, MY apple juice."  "NO, MY APPLE JUICE!!!"  They were both tired and hungry, so I will give 'em a break; but I was doing some deep breathing at this point in time.   

The fifth and final stop was at the park where we chowed down, watched the kids go down the slides, watched them run and run and run and even had a few quiet moments which gave us adult time to talk while the kids were playing.

There aren't many ways I'd rather spend my Friday mornings.  I'm so glad the Anders' came to town!

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  1. I'm trying to wrap my head around how all of this fit into a morning - props to you all! but it looks like a great time and I wish we could have been there!