Thursday, April 26, 2012


Lucy's favorite books change every few weeks; there are usually four or five that are to her liking and she is very consistent in her choices, that is, until the day she is not.  I would love to know what makes it time to move on to a new rotation of books, but for now, I just read what she wants to hear. 

Right now we are reading lots of I Spy, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Grandfather Twilight, On the Day You Were Born, Dr. Seuss's ABC book, My Very Own Name ("Owl book" according to Lucy) and The Little Engine that Could - - this one is definitely her favorite right now!  We read this book at least five times a day.  AT LEAST.  Paul and I do a little paraphrasing on this one because we are lucky enough to have "the complete original edition" (thanks for that, MOM) and frankly, it just needs some paraphrasing.  But as long as Lucy is prompted to make train, cow, horse, elephant (in action below), and monkey noises, she's ohsohappy.  Also, now she's discovered that Humpty Dumpty is in the book so we usually resort to sing-songing that ditty about 20 times - she prefers that we use her arms and legs to make big huge gestures to go along with the singing.  Did I mention that we only do this on nights when it is just the three of us at home?

The past few nights we have had summer-like weather and have been doing lots of reading outdoors.  If these two looked any cuter and happier I just might explode.  Says the unbiased wife and mother. 

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  1. does paul's shirt really say "property of captain morgan!!" haha!! love that picture! Beau does the same thing with his books and right now he is SO into a cars the movie book that's about 200 pages (thanks sarah!!! So i paraphrase A LOT (and skip LOTS of pages!) xoxo