Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome Little Man!

Meet Graham Fielding Larsen.  Handsome, huh? 

He's wonderful and cute and just a ball of teeny-tiny happiness; he smells like a newborn, weighs about as much as my right shoe and makes his Mama as happy as I've ever seen her.  Truly.  He's doing his job very well.

Graham, we've been waiting a long time for you...  I would say for nine months, but really it's been much longer than that.  Your Mama was destined to be a mom; YOUR mom as it turns out.  I can regale you with stories about how she used to sway back and forth in the aisles at the grocery stores with a sack of flour in her hands or how kids of all ages naturally gravitate toward her, she's got a gift and you are one lucky kiddo.  She will love you and kiss you and hug you and buy you cute clothes with the best of them.  You're in great hands. 

Welcome to the planet buddy.  The fun has only just begun!

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