Sunday, August 21, 2011

Georgia on My Mind

In early August my Mom, Lucy and I went to Atlanta to hang with the Roches for the weekend.  Lucy hadn't met the whole Roche family, and we hadn't met Landon, and we hadn't seen Beau in such a long time, and there were a few other people out there we love and missed so we invaded their world for a few days - and I'm so glad we did!  We ate good food, kept good company and told stories that have only been told about a billion times.  And yah, they were still funny.  At least WE all thought so.  Maybe THAT'S why we keep each other around... 

This family is special, special, special to us and I'm so glad the youngest of the bunch have finally met.  There are lots of memorable beach trips in our past without these young tots and I'm really looking forward to more of these trips in our future - with a LOT more luggage.  

Big hugs and many thanks to the Roches for a wonderful weekend!


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