Thursday, June 16, 2011

Backyard Barbecues and Hangin' by the Pool

At the pool!

Grace and Lucy in their matching tricked out floaties.

The sippy cup.  Sometimes a means of getting fluid in this child; sometimes a chew toy.

This represents what could be a single photo out of a flip book: on her tummy, on her side, on her back, on her side, on her tummy - she rolls and rolls and rolls.  


Right  Because you girls worked really hard on that walk.

It's just really too bad she's never happy...

I needed to do some baking before we headed to a party at a friends' house and Paul wasn't at the farm for the afternoon so I thought I would take Lucy over to my parents house and I could cook while they played.  I had just put the carrot cake cupcakes in the oven and was getting ready to start on the deeeelicious cream cheese frosting when I thought, "gee, it sure is quiet in there."

And this is the scene I came upon.

Some of Lucy's best buddies -  black & white dress and always on the run: Miss Izzy, Grace has the cute yellow bow and Sam is the youngest perched up with a little help from his Mom.

Lucy and Grace

Lucy and Uncle Sam by the pool.  Again.

There's a story behind this one.  Lucy thinks it is HILARIOUS that you can throw a ball, tell Buckley to go get it, and she will bring it back as fast as she can.  The concept is too funny for her to not laugh at.  I mean, it is strange that we have these little animals that run around our houses and we throw toys across the lawn only for them to bring right back to us.  I used to think the purpose was to get Buckley some exercise and tire her out, but now that it also entertains our third wheel it's effective on a whole new level.

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