Sunday, May 15, 2011

Holiday Hoopla Recap

EASTER  We started the day at Paul's Aunt Becky's house and Lucy got to meet everyone on Teresa's side of the family that she had not before, and those she already knew got to spend some time oogling over her and the other cute kiddos running around.  Unfortunately, we didn't have the camera out there, but it was a sunny and beautiful Easter morning.  Next we were off to the Groene's for the afternoon where it appears (see documentation below) that the only guest at the party was Lucy; these pictures don't tell the full story, just OUR version of the story.  And I should mention that it warms my heart that Lucy will grow up with my grandparents, her GREAT-grandparents just down the street.  She's got six, count 'em SIX, great-grandparents within a 30 mile radius.  Lucky her, and them. 

CINCO DE MAYO  We ended up at 23rd Street Brewery because we had not anticipated the wait at our favorite Mexican joint being over an hour long (Really!?  Didn't see that coming???).  Although we opted for ales over margaritas, we still had the best dressed baby in the place, courtesy of a dress my parents brought Lucy home from Mexico.

MOTHER'S DAY  Sunday afternoon I returned home from a ridiculously fun girls weekend in Austin, Texas for the wedding of our friends Pat and Kirsten.  The weekend was perfect; it was a stunning wedding and I had a great time with my friends, lots of stories are still making me laugh out loud.  It also helps to have a great husband and dad that makes a weekend away from a six month old possible; he supported the trip whole-heartedly.  But the best part was coming home to celebrate my first REAL (people keep telling me last year counted because I was pregnant, but to me this feels much more legitimate) Mother's Day with this adorable little chunk of love we call Lucy.  I feel so lucky to be your Momma, Lucy Loo!  I love you! 

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  1. holy moly she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! you should frame the close up of her in the cinco de mayo dress! oh my goodness she is precious!